Casting Outfit – What to wear for a casting call & open call

Casting Outfit Model Lily Nova - Model Lilynova Fashionblog - Lily Nova Casting Outfit Photos

Casting Outfit Model Lily Nova – Model Lilynova Fashionblog – Lily Nova Casting Outfit Photos

Casting Outfit – What to wear for a casting call & open call

When you decide to attend a casting or an open call, it is essential that you go for a simple look. Model agencies and potential clients prefer to view models in a pure, natural look. They want to picture how they can change and transform you and whether you have the potential to be what they are looking for.

Casting Outfit Tips: How do castings and open calls differ?

Casting calls are hold by specific clients that are looking for models who offer the look they are searching for. Therefore, they invite a choice of models personally so they can decide which one fits their requirements best. This applies for photo shootings a well as for runway shows. If you are attending a casting, make sure to bring your portfolio. This way the client can get an image of your work experience. Finally, the client will decide which model(s) will be hired and paid for the job.

In contrast Open Calls are organized by model agencies. Here everyone can attend hoping that the agency is going to sign them. There is no extra appointment needed. Nevertheless, you should check out the requirements regarding weight, height and measurement online, plus when the open call is going to take place. Open calls are fantastic opportunities to get in touch with top agencies in person.

Now, you may ask yourself how to prepare especially in terms of how to dress for castings and open calls. As the dress code is similar, the following recommendations apply for both of them.

Casting Outfit Tips: Tops

Women should wear a plain-colored t-shirt or sleeveless shirt either in black, white or grey. You should go for a shirt where your décolletage and collar bones are not covered. Make sure not to wear something with prints or patterns, also no crazy colors. This would only distract from your person. Instead choose neutral, muted colors.

Men should also wear a simple shirt either with a v- or crew-neck. For them it applies as well to choose white, grey or black. The shirt should fit well and does not have a design or pattern to it.

Casting Outfit Tips: Bottoms

Skinny jeans are the best choice for women. In case it is really hot outside or you have awesome looking legs and feel like showing them (your skin should look good, no scratches, no bruises). If you go for pants, dark colors make you look slimmer and taller, so cover your legs in dark or black denim. You should definitely avoid wearing pants with extra volume or many pockets, e.g. baggy pants, because this way you look bigger than you are.

For men a well-fitting pair of dark-colored jeans is perfect.

Casting Outfit Tips: Shoes

Women need to wear shoes with heels. Heels and models – that is something that always must go together. In general it is easier to walk in pumps. Here you should choose a pair again in simple colors like grey, black or nude. You can of course also wear high heels, but only if you are absolutely comfortable walking in them. Go for heels of about 3 to 4 inches. And practice your walks before attending, make sure you will not slip or slide. Never wear wedges or chunky heels. Those are less elegant and seem to be heavier than a classic pair of high heels or pumps. Feel free to wear sneakers or flip flops in the time between castings or an open call; only make sure to change before you enter the building.

Men should not wear their old sneakers or flip flips when attending an open call or a casting. You should rather choose a pair of semiformal looking shoe. Either canvas or leather slip-ons or lace-up shoes are adequate.

Casting Outfit Tips: Underwear

Women are recommended to wear a thong and a strapless nude-colored bra. This way you will not have to face the situation of a crazy colored bra hanging out of your shirt. This would only distract the attention of the potential customer or the agency.

Men should choose a boxer brief again in a covered color like white, grey or black.

Casting Outfit Tips: Makeup

Clients expect a potential model to appear with a natural, fresh look. Either you wear no makeup or you use a bit of concealer, a swipe of foundation, a little bit mascara and a transparent lip-gloss. Never wear heavy makeup to a casting, it is no night out! No smoky eyes, no fake lashes, no dramatic colors.

Agents and clients prefer to see a plain face in order to imagine how they can transform it.

Casting Outfit Tips: Hair

Women can go for a simple ponytail. Wearing your hair down is also fine, only bring a hair band (please do not wear it around the wrist, again distracting), so you can change it to a ponytail and show your face in total if the client asked you to. Do not change the natural texture of your hair. Whether it is wavy, straight or curly, wear it as it is. In case your hair is really difficult you may use a bit of taming product, only avoid the wet look.

Men, hair pomade is a great styling product that adds texture without turning you into a helmet head.

Casting Outfit Tips: Accessories

Here it also applies: The simpler the better. If you feel comfortable, it is recommended not to wear any accessories. If you feel uncomfortable keep it as simple as possible. You may wear a small necklace or simple earrings. But never wear any kind of statement pieces. This again would only result in distracting the client and take away the focus from your face.

Casting Outfit Tips: Nails

Women’s nails both on hands and feet can either have a natural look to them, or be painted in a nude color or have a French tip to them. Avoid flaked off nail polish at all costs!
Men should make sure to have their nails clean, trimmed and neat.



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